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Netgear vs TP-Link? Which Brand Router You Should Buy?

Netgear and TP-Link are quite a big name among the network device manufacturers. Often there are arguments and confusion about which one is better than the other. After going through the following sections you can easily identify the best routers of Netgear and TP-link available in the market.

Comparison Factors to Choose The Best Router

If you are looking for the best router, then you must check the following factors:


Both Netgear and TP-Link routers are amazingly reliable, so it will be a quite hard decision for you to select anyone. Routers of both these manufacturers last long and perform efficiently. You will also get complete support from the customer support of the Netgear and TP-Link regarding any kind of device-related issues.


Netgear is the oldest brand in comparison to the TP-Link and thus in this factor, Netgear will be the winner. Netgear becomes popular due to its better service all through the years and still present in the industry with more advanced services.


Price is an important factor for all users. TP-Link routers are a comparatively lesser price than the Netgear routers. If you are looking for the best features along with the more features then the TP-Link router will be the better choice in your case. However, if you are on the expensive side, then the Netgear routers will be the option for you to select.

Best Routers Build by Netgear and TP-Link

After comparing the above factors, you may select the TP routers whereas some of the users will select the  Netgear router for their daily use. Now, let us check some of the best models of the Netgear as well as the TP-Link routers.

AD7200 Nighthawk X10 Netgear Router (Best Netgear Router)

The Netgear AD7200 router is one of the best models released by Netgear. It gets equipped with all the advanced features and supports for VR gaming, streaming, and high-speed internet. This router uses a channel of 60GHz and offers 7GB of speed per second.

This router (Netgear AD7200) comes with the quad-core processor and also uses the latest wireless technology that is the AD technology. It ables to control all the connected devices at the same time and supports tri-band. Tri-band technology helps to avoid the network congestion issue.

For several connected devices, this router offers the fastest possible frequency. If you’re someone with the latest technology looking for the best router out there, it’s a great pick. This router’s cost on the higher side is comparatively high. If you’re bothered by this router’s cost, go to a TP-Link router.

TP-Link Talon AD7200 Router (Best TP-Link Router)

The best price alternative of the Netgear AD7200 router is the TP-Link Talon AD7200 router. This router comes with the latest futuristic technology and has 8 antennas, which is double in number as the Netgear AD7200 router has.

Like the Netgear Nighthawk router, it also uses the AD wireless technology and thus provides the fastest and reliable connection. This is one of the fastest routers available in the market in this best range. It also got tri-band capability and thus similarly supports many devices at the same time.

You can stream 4 K videos with this router as well as play VR games. It has a maximum data speed of 7200Mbps. The processor equipped with this router is a quad-core processor of 1.4GHz. Talon AD7200 has a 520 MB RAM compared to a 32 MB flash memory. The router can be associated with various gadgets including a camera, and a printer. If you are looking for an expenditure-friendly router with the latest technology, TP-Link Talon AD7200 is the one you should select. 

For the user who is searching for the latest technology router along with the best price, the TP-Link Talon AD7200 router is the best option. It acts as the perfect alternative to the Netgear AD7200 router, but the thing is that it is a little bit costly. By using this router you can connect with the IP address


After you go through the complete sections, hopefully, you understood that if you are looking for the cheaper laptop along with the better features then TP-Link manufactures routers will be the best option for you. Now, decide your choice and go for the better option between Netgear and TP-Link.