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Mediacom Router Login Process: A Simple Router Login Guide

Nowadays, every company or institute sectors use routers for internet connection. Mediacom routers are very popular for using purpose at home or small businesses. Managing these routers are not much difficult, only it can be started with a few basic knowledge. Often, peoples are facing issues to navigate to the router’s login page because of not knowing the required login information like username, password and IP address of the router.

If you are one of the several users who have faced a problem in login to their router’s settings page, then you can go through the below sections. From the below-given information, you can easily learn the detailed steps on how to login to the Mediacom router. So, let’s begin.

Accessing the Router Login Page: Mediacom Router

To open the login page of the Mediacom router, you need some basic information regarding the router. Because the Mediacom manufactures the router, you would need to install the appropriate software to reach the login panel.

Mediacom Router Admin Login Procedure

The steps that you need to act to access the router login page is very simple as well as straightforward. Check out the below sections to learn the complete procedure.

To access and modify the Mediacom router settings, you need to place the following link in the address bar of a browser.


You can use the Ctrl key along with the letter C (Ctrl+C) to copy the link after highting it from here. After that, click on the address bar of your browser and then press the Ctrl key along with the letter V to paste the link. Next, tap down the Enter button to continue.

Now, you need to fill the username and password field with the correct details. Most of the users change both these details after setting up the router in their computer to secure the device. However, if you have not changed this information, then use the default username and password to move on with the procedure.

If after changing the password for your router you have forgotten it, then there is an option you can use to proceed further, that is you need to click on the “forgot your passphrase” option that you will get below the passphrase section. After doing this, you will get an email to your email ID that you have saved for your router. By clicking on the sent email link you can modify the password for your router.

Almost, every Mediacom manufacturers set the default username as admin and the default password is also admin.

After entering the correct username and password, proceed further by clicking on the Login button. From your router login account, you can modify the following information for your router. You can change the SSID, username, and password. Also, you are able to change the DHCP settings and security settings. 

But if you are looking forward to changing your existing login details, that is username and passphrase, you can do so by the use of the link is given below.


Alternatively, without using the link you can use the IP address of your router. Try the below-said IP addresses one-by-one.

IP addresses – or

You’ll be asked to enter your new passphrase after that. So, enter your choice’s passphrase. You will find a login option on the control panel page to the left side, click on it. Now, you’ll find “my wireless network” on the left side.

After clicking on “my wireless network”, navigate to the Wi-Fi option and then modify the settings of your choice. Remember, to modify the settings you should have the appropriate knowledge on that. Any wrong selection of settings can invite the related troubles for your router. After completing all of these given steps, you can easily switch the Service set identifier or SSID to your will and wish along with your liking’s passphrase.

Once, completing the above steps, click on the Save button. Next, restart your router to activate the changes.

Thus, a Mediacom router is a very popular, straightforward router. For all this, it has a dedicated software that can be utilized to modify the required changes. No IP address or connection is required. Enter your login details and from the options provided, you can change anything about the router.