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Linksys Router Login: Easy Wireless Router Managing Procedure

Among the commonly used devices, routers, and modems are used for internet surfing purpose. After you connect your PC with the router successfully, you will able to access the internet smoothly. One of the important information you should know to access the router connection settings is the IP address of the router. The steps to allow to login to the Router’s admin page is almost similar, only the details you need to use is variable.

Whichever be the routers or modems you select, but the function of them is to provide you the internet connection. In the recent routers, you may get some additional services but still, the main function is to connect your devices to the internet.

Different OEM’s are available which offers many features along with a smooth internet connection. Whenever it is the Linksys turn you will get a whole new story. So, let’s check.

Linksys routers are very simple to maintain to get smooth internet access. However, for those users who do not have much knowledge about routers will stick in several problems. For them, configuring a router is not a simple and easy task. Look at the steps given below, if you are a first time user of a router.

Therefore, the steps given below will give you a clearer idea of how you can do this to help you manage your wireless router effortlessly. Let’s look at it.

Linksys Router Login Procedure with Username Password

The steps to implement to get into your router login page is not quite difficult, it can be done simply by allowing the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Router’s Login Page

First, do the hardware connections to the router which is a very simple task to perform. Without following this, further steps can never be followed.

Connect the router with the power source by using the power cable. It will be around the cord included wire. After that, take the ethernet cable and connect the router with your computer. Also, connect the router with an internet source.

After confirming the hardware connections task, now you find the network name in the network icon and then connect with the source. Once you are connected, launch a browser on your computer and in the address bar type or Now, press down the Enter key to get the router’s login page on the screen.

Step 2: Enter Login Credentials

Further, enter the username and password in their respective fields. The default username for the Linksys router is admin and password is also admin. If you have changed the details earlier, then you need to input the information to continue. In case, you have forgotten the saved password, then you need to reset the router to log in again to your router’s account using the default credentials.

You can also check the sticker on the router to know your router default details if the given data is not work in your case. Once, you have entered the login credentials, click on the Login button to move on to the further steps.

Step 3: Configure the Router

After you click on the Login button, hopefully, you have got your router account page ready to make any changes to the router settings. From here, you can handle every setting of the router which includes firmware update, and password settings.

Setting Up your Linksys Router Wireless Network

If you are looking for the steps of how to set up the wireless network, then worry not, just read out the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Wireless tab

After login to the router admin page, click on the Wireless tab. From here, you can do the basic wireless settings like password and the SSID name.

Step 2: Set your Network name

After you configure the network, now you need to name the network so that you can identify it easier to connect with the other devices. You need to enter your choice name under the SSID section.

Step 3: Enable Broadcast

To get your connection identified by the other devices, you need to enable the “wireless SSID broadcast” option.

Step 4: Secure the Network connections

Now comes the time to protect the network so that you don’t have needless communication using your network after the above step has been completed. To do this, go to the Safety section. You can select the type of security encryption over here and much more. You can change the level of encryption and enter the password you want to address on the network. The person who wants to gain access to the network will need this password.

Step 5: Apply the Changes

Once all the correct credentials and information have been entered, click on the changes applied to save the changes. This would trigger and protect your newly designed network for anyone to use because they know the network’s code.

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Conclusion: It is a very simple task to access and modifies the wireless router settings. After applying all these instructions you can easily access the internet from the other devices.