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How To Reset Your Router [Step by Step Guide]

For completing our daily jobs, routers became an important gadget for us. These days the internet becomes a vital part of our lifestyle. The majority of us buy a router to fulfill our desired needs. From the below selections, you will know the essentials of having a router and also the process of how you have to reset your router.

What is Router?

A router is nothing but a device that helps in networking tasks by forwarding the packets of data to the number of computer networks. They have an important function on the internet that is nothing but directing the traffic. When we export any data in the form of  Emails or web pages, it will require a packet of data to gets completing the process. Such routers are interlocked with each other and send such data packets to different destinations, thereby making themselves an internetwork.

Such routers are connected at one time to more than two networks. Whenever a data packet is reached, they tend to decode the sender’s network address information and try to get to know the data packet’s destination. In its routing table and routing rules, there is a lot of information about how it guides the data packet to its desired destination. 

Features of Routers:

  • Routers become a must device in colleges and other academic institutions as well as used in many developing businesses for research and related purposes.
  • Large enterprises are also using routers to meet the increasing intranet demands.
  • Routers give a decent network between firms utilizing Internet service suppliers.
  • Likewise, they are also used in households in a good proportion.
  • There is a physical layer of copper which helps in simple transmission of information to various systems.

How to Reset Router?

The steps to allow to reset your route is quite simple just you need to go through the following steps:

Step 1:

The first task that you need to perform is to ensure that the wires are connected properly. If the power wire of the router gets disconnected, then it will lead to a problem in the router resetting process.

  1. Carefully, you need to unplug the router from both the devices as well as from the power outlet. So, the first task is to turn off the power supply of the router. After that, unplug all the cables.
  2. Now, keep the router a rest for a few minutes until its temperature gets normal.
  3. Next, reconnect the router with the power outlet as well as with the computer and turn on the power supply. When the lights on the router get stable, you can continue with further instructions.
  4. Once, the router LEDs get stable connect with the computer.

Step 2:

Now, to continue to reset your router, locate the router firware on your PC and check its status.

If you are facing any issue regarding the security matter, then check whether the router firmware is updated or not. If not, then do the firmware update.

To get the correct firmware, you need to open the routers manufacturer’s site and then locate and download the firmware. It may take quite minutes of time to get the process completed, so keep patience until the task gets over.

Step 3: 

The further steps to allow to reset your router is you need to locate the reset button of the router. The reset button of the router always located on the router’s body. Check the back portion of the router, are you get the button. If not, then check the other directions of the router.

Next, take a thin pin which can be fitted to access the routers reset button. Now, disconnect all the cables of the router except the power cable. Take the thin pin and press the reset button of the router and keep the button in hold till the router signals starts blinking.

When the router blinking is over, and the LEDs get stable. Restart the router and then connect it with your computer.

Step 4: 

This will be the last step and is a very important step of how to reset your router.

Now, using a browser you can log in to your router’s account. For that, launch a browser at first and then on the address bar place the IP address of your router. As you have successfully completed the reset process, so, now you need to use the default details of your router to login to your router’s account. Once done, now you are allowed to perform the necessary changes to the router’s settings.


To sum up, as we can see, resetting your router isn’t that difficult. To reset your router, you just need to follow these simple steps and you’ll have a more secure and reliable network router there.