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How To Find Your Router IP Address

The router of which you want to find the IP address must be connected to an online connection. A lot of users buy routers to spread the data to more than one device. A wireless internet connection is often the main driving force behind the purchase of a router. Here, from the below lines you will get the complete information on how to find router IP address and the way of use it to enter into the router settings page.

There are several features are included on your router but all of them might not be useful to you. Every router has a default IP address. Using it, you can navigate to the router’s login page. By entering the correct details, you will be able to modify the settings of the router from the setup page. For it, the first task for you is to know your router’s default IP Address. Commonly, the IP address that is used is or

How to Find your Router IP Address

No one will able to control your router, only you have the access to control it. And thus you can make the changes to the security settings of your router. For it, the most important key you need is the IP address of your router. 

For instance, if you have forgotten the details that you have saved, you’ll need to reset your modem. Or, if you don’t feel that you’re getting the speed in your package, the same procedure is applicable. A wireless modem allows you to browse the web from nearly anywhere in your home.

Find your Router’s IP Address in Windows

The steps to allow to know the IP address of your router via Windows OS is very simple, just you need to use the Command Prompt window for this.

At first, open the Run bar window. For it, press the Windows key and the letter R key both at the time. After that, in the space type cmd and then select the OK button. This will help you to get the Command Prompt window open on the screen.

Further, in the Command Prompt type ipconfig and then hit the Enter key. Wait, until the details get loaded on the Command Prompt. After that, from the result locate the Default Gateway section. The number along with dots present beside the Default Gateway section is the IP address of your router.

Note: Put the Default Gateway detail on the address bar of a browser and then tap the Enter key. Further, fill the username and the password section with the correct details. And then click on Login. This will be the complete process by which you can log in to your router account and modify the security changes.

According to your need, you can change your router IP address. Always start the IP address with 192.168.x.x. In case, you detect that the same IP address is used by someone else, then check the connected devices on your network. And this can be done only after you have a login to your router account.

Thank you for going through this post. Hopefully, you have gathered a complete knowledge on how to find your router IP address.