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Asus Router Login – Router Setup and Configuration Procedure

Asus is growing day by day by manufacturing good quality of routers and modems. There are both features of the routers are available to Asus, wired or wireless. The factors that need to be followed to install both the routers are almost similar. If you are going to use the Asus manufactured router and want to modify its settings for the security purpose, then you can check the below-given sections. After you read the complete information, you can easily be able to configure your Asus router.

The information that you can take from here is as follows: How to access the router, configuring procedure of router, and the ways to update the network settings.

Asus Router Login Admin Page Importance and it’s Accessing Steps

You must have the knowledge of how to access the Admin portal to get the total control of the router’s settings. The Admin portal will enable you to control and configure your Asus router. Every Asus routers can be configured with the help of the steps as stated below:

The first thing that you need to do is to set up the hardware devices. Take the power cable and using it connect your router with a power outlet. After that, using the ethernet cable connect the router with your computer. Also, you can connect the devices wirelessly.

Once the wire connections are successfully done, turn on the power for both the devices and then press the Power button of the laptop or desktop to start the Windows OS. After that, connect the PC with the internet with the same network name that is assigned to your router. If asked, then enter the password to get the internet connection.

Launch a browser and in the address bar type After that, tap down the Enter button, this will navigate you to the login page of the router.

Enter the username and password in the respective fields and then click on Login.

Asus Router Configuring Steps

Hopefully, after allowing the above steps you have successfully logged in into your Asus router account. Now, let’s look at how to use this site to customize your Asus router.

  • Look at the left section of your Asus router account, and click on the Advanced Settings menu.
  • Next, click on Administration.
  • From the Operations tab, opt for Repeater and then click on Save.
  • This will result in a frame with multiple wireless networks on it. 
  • Give the network key you want and click on Connect.
  • Click Use default settings to expand the network you have selected.
  • To save these updates, press the Apply button.

How to Setup your Asus Router

After you have configured the Asus router, now, follow the further instructions to set up the router. Look at the below line to know how you can do this.

  1. Log into your router admin page by providing the IP address on the address bar of the browser and then hitting the Enter key.
  2. Now, from the left corner of the page, click on Advanced Settings.
  3. Next, select WAN and navigate to the WAN connection type.
  4. Select YES to enable the options as WAN, NAT and UPnP.
  5. Set your WAN settings to suit your needs.
  6. Simplify do the DNS settings in the same way.
  7. Type your router credentials in the Accounts tab.
  8. Lastly, click on Apply to ensure the changes that you have done.

Steps to Change Password of your Asus Router

Since your login page contains valuable router information and enables you to make changes to your network settings, it is imperative that you keep it secure.

The commonly applicable IP address to ASUS Router log in to the router’s login page is or

Always try to change and save the password which is easier for you to remember. By changing the password of your router, you will increase the security factors. So, go through the below lines, if you do not know how to change the password of your router.

  • At first, login to your router’s account.
  • Next, click on Wireless Settings from the Administration section.
  • From the next window, navigate to SSID and then select the WiFi-Band.
  • Further, select the Password section and enter a different password (which must be hard for other’s to guess).
  • Now, fill the Confirm Password field with the same information.
  • Keep the password save in a safe place at your home, so that if you forgot it, you can use the note for that.
  • If you have only one band in your router, skip phase selecting the WIFI band and do the rest.

Troubleshooting Asus Router Login Issues

Ensure that you connect the internet wire to the WAN port of your Asus router. The WAN port will not similar to the other ports that are available on your router and thus you can easily identify it.

Then, you can input the LAN cable to any of the four LAN ports of your router.

Now to check your router default IP address, you can run the ipconfig command onto the Command Prompt window. To get the Command Prompt window, you need to type cmd in the Run bar and then click on OK. Also, to get the Run bar window, press down the Windows key and the letter R key simultaneously. Hopefully, you have understood the overall process.

However, if you are facing an issue due to you have forgotten the password of your router, then the option you need to act is reset the router. 

The steps are very easy to allow it. First, locate the reset button on the router’s body. After that, detach all the cables from the router except the Power cable, check whether the Power indicator is shown active or not. Active power is important to proceed with the router reset process. Press and hold the Reset button of the laptop until the LED responds. Once done, wait until all the LEDs becomes stable. After that, reconnect the cables and then try to connect your PC with the network to check if the process is successfully executed or not.