Router Login IP Address – Username Password Login

Most routers and modems settings page can be accessed with the help of the default address in the address bar of a browser. This address is commonly termed as an IP address. is a commonly used IP address. This is a private address assigned to every router device. This remains one IP address’s space in another IP address space. The planet has more than 25 billion connected devices. Nonetheless, there are only about 4 billion IPv4 addresses.

This is wherever personal Internet Protocol address comes into play. This method of remapping the IP addresses is understood as NAT(Network Address Translation).

You can use this IP address to login and change the settings of the router. You will need to know your username and password by default to do this. If you are not aware of the username and password, in the article through which you can know the details, we’ve explained a short method ahead. These private IP locations can be utilized in homes, workplaces or schools to recognize gadgets associated with the LAN.

This IP address is anything but difficult to retain and is regularly utilized as the default login IP address for modems and routers. Give us a chance to discuss this IP address in detail and answer probably the most widely recognized questions identified with it.

How to Login into

The login IP is for most routers. It may differ in some router devices. So, it is recommended that you check the default IP address before logging in. This is how you can check the IP address of your router device.

Steps for the Windows OS Users-

  1. First of all, open the Windows search box and on it type cmd and then press the Enter button.
  2. Next, on the Command Prompt window type ipconfig.
  3. After that, press down the Enter button.
  4. Now, from the loading information scroll down to the Default Gateway section. The address that is present beside the Default Gateway section is the IP address of the router.

Steps for the MAC OS Users-

  1. Click on the Apple logo which is there at the top left on the screen. 
  2. After that, select the System Preferences option.
  3. Navigate to the Network tab and then select the Network Connection option.
  4. Further, click on advance> TCP/IP. On this window, you will find the default IP address on the right-hand side. 

Once you have identified your default IP address, it’s time to log in to the router. Your default IP is considered to be You can log in to your router’s settings page by the following information:

  • Launch the browser on your computer and in the address bar type the IP address: After that, hit the Enter button.
  • On the next page, put the correct login credentials in according to places. If you have not saved any changes earlier, then use the default username and password of the router.
  • After that, click on the Login button.

If the username and password are not known to you, then you can use the following credentials:

Username: admin

Password: admin

If you are not able to login to your router account, then contact your ISP for getting the appropriate details.

Make sure you change your default username and password after login into the router. If you don’t, your router may become vulnerable to hacking. Also, ensure that the password is solid enough with 2-8 characters and a mix of letters and numbers.

How to Change the SSID of the Router

WiFis signal name is termed as the SSID. By changing this detail you can not only enable you to identify the network on your device but also ensures the network security. 

Changing the SSID is incredibly necessary as hackers may attempt to hack the router through the default SSID. Therefore, check that you alter your default SSID and set it to one thing distinctive. As an alternative, you’ll be able to strive to reset your router.

The default SSID can be modified by the following path:

IP address > Admin panel > Network tab > SSID > Change SSID

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Using a Phone can I Access

Ans: No, the phones do not have the function to configure the routers or modems. In phones no required terminals are present and this is why the case.

Q: Why I am Facing is not loading Issue?

Ans: The most popular reasons for unable to load are two. The first reason can be the incorrect using of the router’s IP address. So, confirm that you are using the correct IP address. Secondly, if there is an issue with the router hardware parts, then this also causing the error. Reset your router is one of the vast using techniques to solve many common router problems.

Q: I Forgot the Changed Login Details of the Router. What should I do?

Ans: If there is something showing wrong when you proceed to login to the router’s settings page, then it might be that you are entering the wrong credentials. If this is the case that you have not remembered the correct login details, that is, username and password, then resetting the router will be a good option to solve this matter.