Router Login Router IP Access: A Complete “Admin Login” Instruction

Every network connecting devices use IP or Internet Protocol address to interact with the other devices. You can get this address using the ipconfig command on the Command Prompt window. The Default Gateway option that you will get after the execution of that command is the IP address that you need to login to your router’s account.

What is the IP address

The Internet Protocol address is a detailed address which is used in routers that are using for the office or residential purpose. It does not allow the outside public to access the page. A private network comes with some restrictions and thus keeps the internet connection more secure. The way that is implemented to configure the IP address does not allows the outside users to use your connection. Because of all these reasons the internet works far better than normal. is the common IP address, generally assigned to the LAN used devices. Several routers may also be allocated to this IP address as their default gateways. The router companies such as Netgear, ARRIS, and Huawei assigns as the default IP address to sign in and thus you will be enabled to modify the router configuration settings. Since the IP address can be designated physically to any system inside the Local Area Network (LAN), it can along these lines be utilized by PCs, telephones, TVs, PCs. Netgear router utilizes 192.168.l.l to connect in certain circumstances.

How to Login to the Router Admin page?

The steps that you need to go through to login to the router admin page is very simple and are as follows:

Step 1: After connecting the router with your computer via an ethernet cable, open a browser on your computer.

Step 2: Next, ensure that you are connected with the same internet service. In the address bar of the browser type the IP address: After that, press down the Enter key. (If you have typed anything wrong rather than, then this will not navigate you to the correct page and opens the related searched results only.)

Step 3: In this gateway page, enter the correct username and password in the respective fields. If you have not changed the details earlier, then use the default login details of the router. In most cases, the default username for the router is admin and the password is also admin. If you are facing any issue with these details, no worry the combination of your case might be different. Try the following combinations one by one.

Username: _ (blank)

Password: admin

Username: admin

Password: password

Username: _ (blank)

Password: _ (blank)

Step 4: After entering the correct combination of username and password click on the login button. Now, you are able to change the following settings:

  • To change the router’s password
  • In changing the router’s WiFi settings
  • Upgrading the firewall security level
  • Change the SSID
  • Disabling or enabling the Remote management settings

If you have changed the login details and are not able to remember the details, then the best option to proceed with is you need to reset the router. This will help you to get back the default settings of your router.

Steps to Reset the Router:

  1. First, locate the reset button of the router, which is generally present at the rare side of the router.
  2. Next, unplug all the other cables from the router’s body except the Power cable.
  3. Be sure that the router Power indicator is on.
  4. Now, take a thin pin and press the reset button of the router and keep it held until all the indicators start blinking.
  5. Once done, now wait till the indicators get stable, which is the signal that denotes the reset is done successfully.

Problems that the users are frequently facing while trying to access IP address Login page

Often, you can find yourself unable to access your router’s default gateway login page. You should land directly on the router login page by typing the IP address in the web browser’s address bar. If it indicates an error like “This page can not be accessed”, you must follow every single step below to correct the error.

To begin with, check that you are able to find your IP address in the command prompt or not. Apply the following steps to see your IP address on the screen:

Step 1: At first, press down the Windows logo key and keep holding it again press the letter R key. Now, as the Run bar gets appear, on it type cmd and then click on OK. The window that will get open on the screen is titled as the Command Prompt or cmd.

Step 2: On this Command Prompt window, type ipconfig and then hit the Enter button. Wait until the overall information gets loaded. From the loaded information, locate the Default Gateway line. The information that you will get beside Default Gateway is the IP address of your computer. An example of the router’s IP address is

Steps to Fix the Errors that Occurs while trying to access IP address Login page

Allow the following steps to solve the router login issues:

Step 1: The first step is you need to reset your router. Follow the above-explained steps for it. After that, reconnect your laptop/ desktop with your router via an ethernet cable.

Step 2: Tap down the Windows key to activate the search bar, on it type control and then hit the Enter key, this will get you the Control Panel open.

Step 3: Further, select the “Network & Internet” option. Then, proceed with the “Network and Sharing Center” option. Next, from the left panel select “Change adapter settings”.

Step 4: Now, from the available network options right-click on your network adapter and choose Properties.

Step 5: Under the Network Properties window locate and highlight “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”. Next, click on the Properties button.

Step 6: Now, enable the “Use the following IP address” checkbox. Now, input the appropriate details. In the Default Gateway box, enter the router’s default IP address: Once, complete click on OK to complete the process.

Without using the estimated IP address, check yours by executing the ipconfig command under the Command Prompt window.