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From the Internet Assigned Number Authority or in short the IANA, the is a private IP address. Many of the users mistakenly type 192.168.l.254, instead of and thus it leads to the wrong page to the user. After the router or modem that you bought is delivered to you, check the login credentials. Using the login credentials, you are able to make the changes to the router settings. A private IP confirms that the network conflict issue will not take place.

Many of the peoples do a mistake in entering the router’s IP detail at the address bar of the browser. You may have put 192.168.l.254 in place of which is incorrect. So, be careful when you enter the router’s IP address on the URL field of the browser.

Engaging with the Private networks is increasing gradually and IANA has reserved various special address blocks. And that is for the upcoming generation of IPv6 addresses. For security reasons, many corporations also use private addresses. There is minimal access to the internet in such a network and often a proxy is required to access the web. Username & Password

All networking devices (routers and modems) have login credentials and an IP address by default. These enable you to control the router settings. is among the IP addresses used to access router settings such as TP-Link, 3Com, ADSL, 2Wire, and Westell ADSL to name a few.

There are few prerequisites for accessing the default gateway. They are as follows:

  • Your computer must be connected to the home WiFi
  • A computer from here a browser can be accessed
Step 1: Launch a Browser

At the URL bar of the browser, you need to enter the IP address of your router ( and then hit the Enter button. If your router is using the same IP address then the required window will get open.

Step 2: Fill up the Username and Password

If you’ve just got a new router with a private IP address, you must have the username and password of the default router, use the line below to find the username and password of the router:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

PS: Usually the login details are printed on the router’s box. If you don’t have the router box with you, you can reset the router for 10-15 seconds simply by pressing and holding the reset button. When reset, the default login details can be entered. Another way is to reach the router’s official website.

Step 3: Change the SSID

Even if you use your network’s private IP address. We recommend that you change the SSID that is the network’s name that is visible to others in your network tab.


  • Keep it short and straightforward
  • Don’t make it very funky because it can fire back
  • Do not use any personal data as your router’s name
Step 4: Change the Login Username and Login Password

Your router may have a private IP address, but by changing the default credentials, you must always make sure that your link is secure.

Tips to change your username and password from default:

  • There should be a mixture of alphanumeric characters in your code. 
  • Your password should be long, complex and easy to remember, with 8-16 characters. 
  • Also, the user name should be easy and user-friendly. 
  • Username and password must be written down somewhere for the IP address

Frequently Asked Questions and Problems

Why the router connection issue arises:

Typing error of the IP address is one of the reasons that result in can’t connect to the default login gateway issue. Sincerely, check the IP address you have entered at the address bar of the browser, is it matched with the original, if not, then you need to correct the IP address and then hit the Enter key. You have to make sure that after http or https there is no semicolon but a colon. The address you need is http:/

How to change the router password?

First Use to reach the standard gateway. Enter the username and password and see for WiFi setup (methods differ according to router/modem), if you have direct TV & wifi then use a home network and choose the option of a wireless router. Upon query, type in System Code (found on the side of a gateway). 

To modify the default router password, users must pick WPA / PSK settings. Now update and save the password.

Forgot Essential Login Details (IP Address, Username, and Password)

With all routers or modems, the default login credentials are present over the box or listed in the manual. To access the default login credentials, you can also contact the ISP.

Solution 1: If the default login details are not changed for your router by anyone, you can use the table below to find out your router’s information.

Solution 2: If the username and password details have already been changed, then reset the router. By doing this, again you can use the default credentials to log in to the admin page of your router.

Resetting steps of a router:

Warning: All previously saved info and settings will be removed by resetting a router. It’s going to turn your router into a router made by a supplier.

  1. Turn off the router
  2. Use a pointed object like a needle to press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds and then turn on the router. Press the reset button for 10-15 seconds until the router is switched on
  3. Release the key and restart the router
  4. Now use a wifi connection and or a network cable to connect to the router and sign in using default passwords.