Router Login Admin Login To Comcast Business Router, Cisco, SMC falls under the private network IP addresses registered by the IANA authority.

You do not actually have to take the permission of any entity to use this IP address as it is a personal IP address.

Unlike all public addresses, you can use any of these, that is, without the authorization of a national Internet registry as laid down in RFC 1918.

Comcast has been in the routers ‘ business aspect for a long time and was an avid router provider.

As an essential task, it is important to enhance the admin security of your router through the login portal. For it, you need to launch a browser on your computer and at the address bar type the IP address of your router. Most of the time the IP address used is On the next screen, type the correct username and password as printed on the router’s manual.

If you are a user of the Cisco router, then you can use the same IP. Many a time this IP ( is also applicable for the Netgear router.

What is the use of the IP

It can be useful in various tasks, such as adjusting login credentials and protecting the DNS.

With regard to accessing the default gateway, you will only need a local client and the device connected to the wifi station.

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There are a lot of different things you can do using DNS that is relevant. You should be attentive when using it.

When they see Comcast and Xfinity, both similar things, most people are even confused. Xfinity is only Comcast’s previous name. Router Login with Default Username and Password

Default username: admin

Default password: admin

Using Procedure of the Default Gateway:

1. Comcast Business Router

Network and security settings of the Comcast business wireless router are easily manageable by the use of the IP The very first thing you need to make sure is to protect your router by changing your router’s default credentials.

At first, you need to open your local browser and ensure that your computer is connected to the same WiFi of which you want to change the login credentials. That is, it should be the Comcast WiFi network.

Next, at the URL field of the browser type and hit the Enter key, this will direct you to the login credentials input page of the router. This will be your Comcast modem login page.

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In the login page fillup the username and password boxes with the following details:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

Next, click on the Login button.

Now, in the top right corner, you should see an option to change your username. That’s where you can update the code for the Comcast router.

Two boxes will be opened, the first one for the old password and the other one for the new password. Reach the fields and ensure that your code is at least eight characters long, has alphanumeric characters in it, mixing special characters with lower and upper case letters.

Now, again enter the new password to continue. Choose the Save option and change your settings.

2. Cisco Router

If you want to change the default Cisco router credentials. Follow the following process.

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Firstly, ensure that your computer is connected to the internet that is through the same WiFi connection. By login to the admin page of the router you can modify the router’s settings easily. Open a browser and then at the address bar type the URL: Hit the Enter key

You are redirected to the login page when you need to enter the followings:

  • Login Username: admin
  • Login Password: admin

After that, click on the Login button. Now, you can change the login credentials of your router easily. To replace it with a new one, you’ll need the old password. As a precaution, make sure you have a strong password and a good mix of characters that are difficult to guess. Don’t forget the settings to be saved.

If you have entered the password in the wrong section or enter the incorrect password then this will leads a problem. So, be careful when you enter the login details.

Another thing to change is the classification of the SSID and system collection. It’s the name you see when you test the wireless stations available in your area. If the default settings remain unchanged, an attacker may be able to peep in very quickly. Holding the SSID quick and clean is always safer.

SMC Router

Like all the other routers, SMC routers are also used popularly. The security of this router can be improved by fiddling with the default login page of the gateway.

Launch a browser and in the address bar type the router’s IP address: Next, you need to hit the Enter button to continue the process.

Now, fill up the user ID and password section with the correct credentials. If you have changed the credentials, then input those only to continue.

  • Default Username: admin
  • Default Password: admin

Once you have logged in to your router account, you will get almost access to the settings of your router. Now, update the settings as you required.

Changing your password and making it something that has a good mix of alphanumeric characters, numbers and special characters is highly recommended. You should also update your wifi station’s name, also known as SSID.

Common Errors

How to Get Rid of the is not working Issue?

The foremost thing that you need to check is if the gateway that you are using is set as bridge mode or not. If the bride mode is active, then this is the reason that you are not getting the connection issue to the IP.

Just in the event that you don’t use any of the Comcast Static IP on a Comcast gateway(CG) like SMCD#G, Netgear 3000 DCR or DPC3939B, you need to use the reset button, that is, press and keep hold the reset button for at least 15 seconds.

When the router reset is done successfully, you are enabled to access the login page of the router via the default gateway. refused to connect and showing the timed out text

If your SMCD3G-CCR router is in bridge mode, this is again a problem– you will often see this problem happening. The best way to solve it is to change the settings of the browser. A simple power cycle can sometimes work amazingly to solve the problem.