Router Login Xfinity Comcast Router Login Guide

Most of the peoples are not aware of Basically, if you are not from a Networking background. However, the Networking background people have the basic idea of these numbers. is formally a default IP address that can be used for different devices. The major function of it is to grant you access to the configuration screens of different routers such as Siemens, Micronet, and Edimax. So, if you do not know the router’s network settings page and login information, you cannot forward to make any changes with the router’s settings. Follow the below sections to know about and the Login procedure.

Why we Need the IP Address?

The IP address of is special as it can be utilized in a number of functionalities. It is part of the private IP addresses 24-bit block, typically used to create local area networks (LANs). You can not access private IP addresses using the public internet, but this does not in any way mean that they have no meaning or purpose.

IP addresses such as are used for maintaining and avoiding the breakdown of the basic architecture of the internet that we know and love. The IPv4 networking protocol has about 4 billion IP addresses. Network administrators and internet providers have remapped IP addresses to others and used private IP addresses such as as replacements to support the demand for more addresses.

With the rise of usage of internet service, IPv4 will be replaced by IPv6. 25% of all internet users now rely on IPv6 to direct their traffic.

What is the Function of

Most of the router manufacturers use as their default IP address, enables the clients to access the configuration page of the router. By the use of this address, you can easily be able to make changes to the router’s settings. So, hopefully, you have understood the function of the IP addresses, it can be either or

Features of the and IP Address

Using the IP address you can access the configuration page of the router as well as the local settings options. From the page, the changes can be done to the router settings, that you require or you need. The changes that you can apply are listed below:

  • IP QoS
  • MAC
  • LAN, WAN, and WLAN settings
  • Password and Login credentials
  • Setup Static or Advanced DNS
  • DHCP client, and DSL
  • Port forwarding for gaming
  • Parental controls setup
  • Changing the Xfinity or Chromecast router login details from Xfinity / Comcast to or (Confirm that you are using the range and

Simple Instructions on Admin Login

Xfinity users can easily be able to use the IP address to open the router’s settings window. Below are the instructions that you need to go through for this.

  1. Connect the computer with the router either by using a cable or via a wireless network.
  2. After that, turn on both the devices (router and computer).
  3. Once the router light gets stable and your computer turns on, connect with the internet and then open a browser.
  4. On the address bar of the browser, type the IP address, ie. After that, press down the Enter button to continue.
  5. Now, you need to input the correct details under the username and password section. You can check the label on the router to get the default credentials.
  6. After entering the correct username and password, click on the Login button.
  7. Now, navigate to the required section and do the changes.
  8. Lastly, you need to click on “Save” to apply your changes.

As the administration panel gives you full access to your router, make sure you don’t share your login information with strangers as they can use it to make changes to your network system. To improve security and protection change the password of your router.

If you are not able to login to your router’s account using the IP, then it might be due to the fact that your router is using another IP. To know your router IP detail, open the command prompt window, first. Next, type ipconfig on it and then hit the Enter key. Now, locate the Default Gateway section. The detail that you will get besides Default Gateway is the IP address of your router. 

Note: is the incorrect IP information since http:/ has been modified. So, make sure at the address bar you use the updated IP address.

Problems that the Users are Commonly Encountered in IP Access

This below is the list of problems that you might have to deal with when you are trying to access the router’s login page.

Default Credentials

After trying different details if you are not able to access the login page of the router, then try the default username and password. You can know your router’s default username and password from the sticker that is attached to your router body.

Access Denied Issue

One of the regular problems that you might face is the access denied issue. This arises due to a few reasons if you have entered the default password instead of the password that you have saved, then this will lead you to the problem. In case, you have not remembered the password, then the option you need to implement is reset your router to the default settings. After doing this, you can easily be able to login to your router account using the default details of the router. Also, you can change the password afterward.

Resetting the Router

To reset your router, the first task is you need to locate the reset button of the router. Many manufacturers put the reset button in the back portion of the router, which is near to the power connector. However, it may vary as well. Once you find the reset button, detach the router from your computer or any other connected devices. Next, make sure that the power indicator and a few of the indicators of the router are active. Now, using a thin pin press the reset button and keep it held until the light starts blinking. After you leave the reset button wait until the indicators on the router become stable. Now, you can log in to your router using the default details. IP Router Default Login and Password Details

Every router manufacturers are set different login details. Here, you have listed a few of them. You can try them one by one until you get success.

Username: admin

Password: admin

Username: _ (keep the space blank)

Password: admin

Username: admin

Password: password IP Login Connection Issues

Mostly, peoples are facing the connection problem because of these following reasons:

Indirect Connection: For keeping the secure network, some routers are not allowing to access the 10.0.01 IP address via a different device that is not connected to the computer via an ethernet cable. Therefore, buying an Ethernet cable and connecting your device directly to your router would be the best way to solve your connectivity problems. Most desktop computers come with an Ethernet port, so the cable is the only thing you’d need. If you’re using a laptop, go to do the same for a USB adapter.

Wrong IP Address: If you have typed incorrect IP address at the address bar of the browser then it will not navigate you to the correct page and thus the issue occurs. If you type instead of then this will lead you to the problem. Note that there are four numbers and not five in all IPv4 IP addresses. In case you have changed your IP address and don’t know the new one, then reset and enter your router from the default address to make further changes.

Incorrect Details usage: Network devices commonly need to be protected by a strong password so that no spy can hack your device. However, if you enter the wrong credentials in the username and password field then this will not allow you to open the settings page. If you have saved any username and password then enter those details to log in to your router’s account. If you forgot the changed details, then you need to do the router reset task to take your router settings back to default.